Tarfaya Strip: Where Sahara meets the Ocean

This isn’t a destination to be rushed. Poor infrastructure and undeveloped tourist industry mean that you’ll often be left frustrated if you’re trying to travel in a hurry. So slow down; don’t try to pack too much into your itinerary. Between dunes and waves, the region isn’t a tick-the-sights-off-the-list type of destination. It’s a place to relax, meet people and discover a nature which is full of secrets. And for that you need time.

Fish and shellfish are very important elements in the Atlantic Sahara cuisine and there is a great range of fresh fish available all year round. Aside from tasty, seafood is healthy too, specially after a Sand & Wave surfing session !


The Drâa Delta was home for variety of extinct animals like the Saharan crocodiles (Crocodylus suchus) who adapted to the arid environment by staying in caves or burrows in a state of æstivation during the driest periods. They seem to have disappeared by the 1960s. ‪


Tea, Sahara and Ocean


The Devil’s Hole (Gouffre du Diable / Ajab Rabbi), located 450 km south of Agadir (Between Tan Tan and Tarfaya) and 150 meters north of Akhfennir, is one of many caves along the Moroccan coastline but certainly the most stunning one that can only be reached by the water when the ocean is calm.


Khenifiss National Park, is a national park in the southwest of Morocco, located near Akhfenir at the Atlantic coast in the region of Tarfaya,between the towns of Tan-Tan (north) and Tarfaya (south). The park includes a coastal portion, the Khenfiss lagoon, the biggest lagoon at the Moroccan coast, and the inland portion, located on desert plateaus. The lagoon is also an important bird nesting ground. Every year, about 20,000 birds stay in the lagoon area in the winter season.


The Red and Golden Sand Dunes of Naïla are stunning ! This lagoon is situated in the middle of Khenifiss lagoon, and the sand is very smooth and the beach is shallow


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