How to use & create a Custom Travel Map with Google maps and without internet ?

Google Maps is certainly the most famous and usefull application among solo travelers, especially when you’re relying on your phone to tell you where to go. But many don’t know that we can actually create a custom Travel map and use it without internet !

Before leaving on a trip, I always create a custom travel map so I can keep track of the places I want to see, restaurants, hotels, bus stations, see what sights are nearby…All in one and easy map.

It’s super simple and you can probably create your own map in 10 minutes or less!


(You may first need to sign in to your Google account).

1- To start, go to and click on »Menu »


2- In the left-hand column, click where it says « Your places »


3- Select the « Maps » tab


4- and click create a New map


5- Give your map a new name on the the top left-hand corner, click where it says Untitled. I named this map Marrakech.


6- Now use the search bar at the top to start adding places to your travel map. Just start typing the name of the location and Google maps will pull it up. You don’t even have to know the exact address. I started with the hotel, the Royal Mansour in Marrakech.


7-  Click the name of the location in the list, or on the pin that appears on the map, and an info box will pop up. Then click Add to map.


8- Repeat this step for as many places as you want to add. Just search for it, then click on Add to map


9- Once you’ve added all the places, you can customize the icons to keep the map more organized and the locations easily recognizable. Click on a location in the list on the left or directly on the map, then click the paint bucket icon. You can change the shape and color of the icon, or choose an other icon by clicking on the « More icons » button.


10-  Here’s an example of how my Google travel maps look like. My hotel is always yellow, Place to see in Purple camera, bars shown with cocktail glass icon…Etc


11- I also like to add reminders and notes  about certain spots. To do this, click on a location in the list, then click on the grey pencil in the info box that pops up.


Write down any notes to help you remember what you wanted to do, eat or drink at a certain location.


You can also add an image ! Click on the camera icon. You can’t upload your own image, but you can add any image on the internet if you know the URL, or you can just do a Google image search for a specific image.


Love this feature !


USE THE MAP (without Internet ! )

Now that have a a useful and super travel map with photos, notes and all the places you want to visit, you need to be able to acces it during your trip !

You can downlad the Google maps applications or acces your map from your mobile internet brownser by going to this link:

1- Log in and click Open a map. A list of all your custom maps will come up. Click on the one you want.

All your places and icons will appear on your phone screen. It will also show your current location.You can click on any icon to see the name of the location, notes/photos..Etc


2- Save the map before leaving your hotel and loosing your internet connexion.

Tap the button that says “Download.” Google will then show you a map of the area and ask if you’d like to download it. Tap “Download” again to confirm.


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